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Coronavirus Outbreak: Kajol's smiling seeing DDLJ's mimics with sanitizer in Simran's hand, says this to Raj

 After going viral on social media, Kajol has now shared the memoir of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengee Simran.  In this meme, Simran Raj is seen giving sanitizer.
Corona virus is spreading in India with great speed.  Because of which the government is repeatedly advising people to be safe.  That thing is different, there are some people who are making fun of the corona virus and are entertaining people through mimes.  Many of the memes going viral on social media are proof of this.  There is not much time when a meme rocked the internet world.

 In this meme, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is seen that Simran is seen catching the train to run away with Raj.  That matter is different, Simran is seen giving her a helping hand to clean her hands with a sanitizer before Raj's hand stops.
That is why in the picture, a sanitizer is seen with Simran.  Rushing Simran is ready to do anything to protect himself from the corona virus.  Because of the corona virus, now Simran is not even trusting his secret.

 This is the reason, this meme is being well liked on social media.  Meanwhile, Simran himself or Kajol has given his reaction by doing this meme.  Kajol could not control herself by laughing at this funny meme and shared this picture on Instagram.
The funny thing is that here Kajol did not forget to remember Shah Rukh Khan.  That's why he tagged King Khan.  Kajol has shared this picture and advised her fans to use sanitizer continuously.

 See Kajol's photo-

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