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Coronavirus was predicted 9 years ago by Hollywood movie Contagion, people are downloading and watching

 Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Contagion film going viral: The Corona virus was predicted years ago by the Hollywood film Contagine,
Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Contagion film going viral: The name of a Hollywood film Contagion is rapidly going viral, not only in the country but in the growing cases of Coronavirus spread all over the world.  The film was released in 2011 ie 9 years from today.  But today the discussion of this film is happening fast.  The main reason for this is a serious illness shown in this film, due to which people are dying while battling in the same way as today due to the corona virus.  This disease, which started in China, has so far taken thousands of people.  The number of people still suffering from this disease is steadily increasing.  In such a situation, people are watching this film again.

 Today, the Hollywood film Contagine, released 9 years ago, is awakening in the audience again and people are looking for it by downloading or searching on the digital platform.  The film was directed by Hollywood film director Steven Soderbergh.  The film featured Matt Damon, Jud Law, Kate Winslet, Gyaneth Palathrow in the lead roles.
What was the story?

 In this film, it was shown that in a hotel the chef touches the infected mass and cooks food without washing his hands.  After this, the infection spreads and gradually the whole city falls into it.  The chef's food is first eaten by Gyaneth Palathrow, after which the infection spreads to other humans.  The special thing is that in this film it is shown that the cause of this deadly virus spread is glazed and pork meat.  Please tell that the cause of the spread of Corona virus is also being told to the glitter.  In such a situation, people are watching this film as a prediction of corona virus and watching it.

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