Apple lunched iphone SE 2 Specs, Price & Features Know here

 The iPhone SE 2020 is Apple's all-new cheapest iPhone, specs, cameras and screen sizes from today.  The first is much more expensive.starting at just $ 399 / £ 419 / AU $ 749 / 42,500, yet it still offers some of the
If you are fond of having an expensive mobile phone, then we tell you that you must be buying an Apple phone. If today we are going to tell you about Apple's cheapest mobile phone iPhone is, then you will not know that you have just launched this new phone, after seeing that you will feel that you will definitely buy this mobile phone.

 About I phone SE 2

iPhone SE 2
iPhone SE 2 Price & Specs

Within this mobile, you are going to get all the pictures that you get inside an expensive phone. We tell you that every single phone of Apple is more than the price of one lakh, but Apple has also launched one of the cheapest mobiles in view of the world's budget. The mobile phone whose name is iPhone is such that after seeing it you may feel that this phone is nothing special. But let me tell you that this mobile is very fantastic and you are going to get everything inside it, which I tell you below.


 Inside this mobile phone you will learn and you will get to see 156 GB of memory storage, which you do not find inside every phone. If you make any other mobile phone, then inside it you get 4G RAM and 56 GB of memory storage, but Apple has enlarged both these features inside this phone. So that the interest of people increases even more and Apple has also said that this phone has 6 GB RAM, it can work as much as 8GB.
 Cemera Quality
 Inside the new mobile phone, you will get a 16mp megapixel camera and a 16MP front camera, after viewing it, you will find that it may actually be Apple's cheapest and best mobile. Because it is being liked not only within India. Rather it is being liked so much inside the whole world that it has been trending on Google for the whole 3 days and people are engaged in the booking line to buy it. But due to log down, people are not able to book it and one thing will be seen that if Apple launches this mobile very quickly then Apple will not be able to compensate this mobile phone for the whole world. Because inside this mobile you will get all the good features that you are going to get inside it.
 If we talk about the price of this new mobile of Apple, then its price is very low. If it is priced against the US dollar, then the US dollar is a prize of $ 399.  But according to the Indian rupee, its price can be ₹ 42299.  An approximate

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