How to play the Hardpoint game mode in Call of Duty Mobile Game

COD Mobile has many game modes.  Hardpoint is the latest update.Compared to the classic Team Deathmatch and Domination modes, Hardpoint is more difficult.
  Hardpoint game mode
Hardpoint game mode
How to play Hardpoint game mode
  While the basic concept is very similar to domination mode, there are no static locations to occupy the hardpoint.  For example, in domination mode, you would have places like A, B and C to capture.  In hardpoint, however, the location changes after one minute.  It may be close to your spawn location or far away.  In Call of Duty Mobile, the Hardpoint game mode is available for almost all major maps.
  Hardpoint Rule Summary
  You need to catch shuffling places.  The more points you score, the more points you score.
  You can die multiple times in the game (multiplayer).
  You score extra points for killing enemies who have occupied the hardpoint location.
  Killing the enemy outside the hardpoint location is classified as a normal kill.
  If you claim a hardpoint, its color will change to blue.  If it is captured by opponents, it will be red.  You'll also get a hint when a hardpoint is challenged - essentially when your teammates are fighting opponents.

  The total goal to win the game is 150 points and the maximum number of points depends on 5 minutes (or less).
  How to win or try
  Since it is a very fast moving game, you will need light weapons with better accuracy.  Heavy guns and sniping are not very effective in this mode.

  Unlike domination mode, capturing hardpoint space gives you points at very high speeds.  Therefore, it is very important that you not only occupy these places, but also hold them for a long time.

  As previously stated, the location keeps on shuffling.  But after playing some hardpoint matches, these locations are not random and appear at similar locations in the map.  If you know your map in Call of Duty Mobile, identifying these hardpoint locations will not be difficult.

  If you want to get better in this mode, avoid camping as much as possible.

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