NASA's rover discovered portions of life in the soil of Mars!

Evidence of life has been found on Mars.  The Mars Curiosity Rover of the US Space Agency NASA has discovered a biological mixture on the soil of Mars.  NASA scientists claim that this biological mixture can be made in two ways.  Organic or abiotic.  But it is considered a major achievement in the history of space science.
 The biological mixture, which is part of life discovered by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover, is called Theophnis.  Researchers Jacob Heinz and Dirk Shultes Makush said the discovery of theophynes on Mars suggests that there might be life there.  Two researchers working on the next rover to go to Mars believe that the presence of thiophene in the surface of Mars suggests that there must have been microscopic life there.  Or still exists.  This report by Heinz and Makush has been published in the science journal Astrobiology.  Organic mixtures such as thiophene can be made in two ways.  The first - biological means that life exists on the same planet in microscopic form or the second - that life came from a meteorite on the planet.  If we look at its chemical process, thiophene can also be formed by reduction of sulfate at 120 ° C, but there will be no biological process.  At the same time, theophen can also be made from living things.  Heinz and Makush believe that this theophane on Mars may be 300 million years old.  This was when Mars was extremely hot and wet.  Then there would have been full possibility of subtle life on this planet.  Due to which sulfate reduction and thiophene are formed.

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