Windows 10 now has ads in Edge browser search box - is Microsoft bothering many users?

Windows 10 is now showing advertisements within the search box that are trying to persuade people to switch to Microsoft Edge, yet another move to boost the revised browser that starts to annoy people  Runs the risk of being - given how prevalent these advertisements are becoming.
Windows 10 Now ads in edge browser
Windows 10 Now ads in edge browser
  If you are running Windows 10 and you click on the search box now, chances are you will see an advertisement in the panel that pops up, as seen by Windows Latest - this is definitely our PC.  But this is the case.

  New Microsoft Edge Browser Editions Paused by Coronavirus

  These promo messages contain as much text as we only see in, Microsoft's webmail service.  On our Windows 10 PC, the search box ad was urging us to get the Edge browser because it was designed to bring you the best web '.'
  An advertisement too far?

  Microsoft has already implemented such advertisements with the Start menu in Windows 10, where it was suggesting to Firefox users that they should switch to Microsoft Edge, and as we mentioned, we recently  Viewed ads in - and now the search bar.  What's next: File Explorer?  (This is not without precedent: a few years ago, we saw OneDrive's ads appear in the heartbeat of the Windows 10 interface).

  Of course, if Windows 10 users feel that Microsoft is starting to flood them with advertisements for the new Edge, then it doesn't matter how good the Chromium-based version of the web browser is - and that's by far some very  Has received positive feedback - the danger is that people will push back, and the sentiment may be against Edge.

  In other words, advertisements can be particularly contrary to the effect, especially if it begins to remind Windows 10 users of Microsoft's behavior in the past, not with the aforementioned OneDrive ads, but in general on a larger scale.  On - and undoubtedly with intrusion - push get Windows 7 or 8 users to upgrade in the first year after Windows 10 is released.

  We'll just have to see if more ads for Edge are starting elsewhere in Windows 10, but Microsoft will have to tread carefully to make sure.

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