‘Dekh beta, bohat log main deke hai jhoot mat bol’ - when MS Dhoni angrily told Mohammed Shami after throwing a bouncer

MS Dhoni has seen many difficult situations for Team India, especially leading the Tests.  India was whitewashed in England and Australia in the longest format under it in 2011 and the difficult time in the Test continued until the 2014 New Zealand tour.  The two-match Test series is remembered for Brendon McCullum's triple century when he overcame his team with a serious setback.
Dekh beta, bohot log maine dekhe hai jhut mat bol

  The marathon 352-run stand for the sixth wicket in the second innings saved the Kiwis from rioting in the second and final Test.  Recalling the game when India were very close to victory, Mohammed Shami said during a live Instagram session with Manoj Tiwari that it was a very disappointing time as the New Zealand captain had not bowled out at all.
  However, he was given a chance while Virat Kohli dropped him on 14.  And then McCullum let the audience pay heavily.  The bowlers were already frustrated and during the same innings, before Shami's lunch another batsman's catch was dropped on the penalty ball, causing the fast bowlers to fumble.

  How and who of Bewakoff, not me, MS Dhoni told Shami

  In desperation and anger, the Bengal pacer ran and delivered a harmless bouncer, who went over the top of MS Dhoni's head four times, which did not impress later.  Shami recalled that moment and said, "On the great ball before lunch, some batsmen edged and the catch was dropped.  On the last ball I threw a bouncer which hit Mahi Bhai's head.

  On his way back to the dressing room, MS Dhoni then asked the fast bowler the reason for not playing the last ball of the session properly, so that he could get an ignorant answer from Shami.  And then the veteran sarcastically said that he should not fool him because he is a senior and has seen a lot of players coming and going.

  Recalling the words, Mohammed Shami said, "Mahi bhai na mujhe bade mein a little language, Oola see son, very few people came.  Boat people played and went to mutiny.  'He said in a different way but it was a little aggressive.  He further said, tum bete tumhare is senior, your captain is us.  Who else became this Bevoff?  "

  The above statement roughly translates (Mahi Bhai said sternly to me, 'Look brother, I have seen many people coming and going. Don't lie to me. I am your senior and your captain. Don't fool me')  .  .  As far as the match is concerned, India missed a golden opportunity to level the series as New Zealand won the game after 94/5 in the second innings thanks to the heroic effort of their captain.

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