Finally China agreed to investigate the response of the WHO on covid-19 origin

China on Monday reviewed the World Health Organization's response to the growing international pressure and pandemic to investigate the origins of Kovid-19.  President shi Jinping told the World Health Assembly that China had acted with 'openness, transparency and responsibility' when the disease, which has affected billions of people around the world, broke out for the first time.
  President shi Jinping, who was invited to speak at the inauguration ceremony after the European Union pushed the proposal for scrutiny, was backed by more than 100 countries, with Beijing supporting calls for a comprehensive review of the global response  Done, but this practice should be carried out after realizing the world has become a grip on the situation.  The immediate priority of the world should be to save people.

  "China has supported the idea of ​​a comprehensive review of the global response to COVID-19 so that experience and address deficiencies can be controlled," President shi Jinping told the Assembly, the policy-making body of the United Nations Global Health Organization.

  China had previously opposed calls for such an investigation from Washington and Canberra.

  The Health Assembly is expected to formally take a resolution tomorrow supported by more than 120 countries.  A Geneva diplomat told Hindustan Times, "It is now a formality ... Now no one is objecting to it."

  After criticism of President shi jinping argument in the assembly was submitted by the Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adholm Ghibeyius, who emigrated from the United States in the early days.

  Tedros was blamed for endorsing Beijing's narrative and praised President shi jinping for tackling the disease in evidence that efforts to reduce the spread of the disease were mounting in January.  He was seen standing alongside Beijing when the United States banned flights from China.

  The WHO chief said on 3 February that there was no need for measures that "unnecessarily interfere in international travel and trade".

  At the World Health Assembly on Monday, President shi jinping told the 194-member body that Dr.  The contribution of the WHO under Tedros was appreciated by the international community.
President said, "At this critical juncture, WHO has to support international cooperation and the fight to save lives."

  The draft proposal proposed by Australia and the European Union included an investigation into the animal for human transmission of Sir-COV-2.

  President shi jinping's remarks, made during a video speech to the World Health Assembly, come as a resolution pushed by the European Union and Australia and calling for a review of the origin and spread of coronovirus disease.

  By the time the virtual virtual trunk started, the 54-nation Africa group also supported.  It also includes Ethiopia, home to Tedros Adholm Ghebayeus who made history in 2017 when he was elected WHO chief.

  Tedros was not the first African to hold this position, but also the first WHO chief who was not a medical doctor.  The former Ethiopian minister holds a Masters in Immunity of Infectious Diseases and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Community Health.

  Tedros, who spoke in the minutes following President shi jinping, said the investigation would come "at the earliest possible time" and provide recommendations for future preparations.

  He added that the review should entrust responsibility to "all artists with good faith".

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